Specialist Sub-contract Sheet Metal Workers

Precision Sheet Metal Specialists

We are proud to be associated with the following industries in providing first class components.

  • Aircraft Industry
    We have manufactured a wide range of seating hardware and galley components.

  • Computer Industry
    Specialising in pcb racks, cases and enclosures, chassis and all panel work.

  • Medical Industry
    Including autoclave equipment, mixing components and machines making extensive use of stainless steel.

  • Broadcast Equipment
    Specialising in all hardware and enclosures for the professional broadcast equipment industry.

  • Electronics & IT Industry
    We have a wide range of experience in custom chassis, enclosure and front panel manufacture, from initial design through to finished products including anodising, powder coating and screen printing.

  • Design & Manufacture
    Prototype and fine limit sheet metal work. Large and small batch production. We can supply sheet metal components to your specification including inserted fasteners, plating, painting, screen printing and engraving.

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